What is Concrete Beet Farmers?

Concrete Beet Farmers is an up and coming urban farm in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis looking to provide fresh, local food to the immediate community.  Our farm is designed with the basic goals of ecological, social, and financial sustainability using a CSA model (Community Sustainable Agriculture) and some direct marketing.  We are also documenting the process of our farm growth as a model for future farmers invested in providing affordable food to local people.

Where are the Concrete Beet Farmers?

Our main lot is located at 2820 15th Avenue S, in Midtown Phillips. We also have land on 12th Ave and 25th St, and on 2nd Ave and 26th St. We’re out working on the farm all the time, so drop by and visit! You’re most likely to find us working in the evenings, and all morning on Thursdays and Sundays. If there’s a specific time you’d like to stop by and you aren’t sure if we’ll be there, send us an email and we’ll work out a time to meet you! (email us at concretebeet AT gmail.com)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! You are so close to where I work, Andersen Community School. We have teachers creating gardens! I’m going to give them your website. It would be very cool if we could work together!

    • Hi Ann!

      Wow, so close! We would love to work with some kids, maybe in the fall when they’re back in school! Email us at concretebeet@gmail.com, or stop by the plot almost any evening of the week so you can talk to someone in person. We’d love to meet you and chat about working together in the future!

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