Full Swing

Oh, hi! Good to see you again. Sorry it’s been a while since we said hello, but summer’s in full swing and we’ve been busy. If you need proof, look at the piles of produce at our stand at the Uptown Market the other week!

It’s hard to believe that it’s August already, but the summer is speeding by. We’re in the midst of a whirlwind of fall plantings, to ensure that we have produce for our CSA members and the market up through the end of October. We’re also planning to do some experimenting with cold houses and crop protection in order to sell cold hardy crops up through Christmas (that’s the dream, anyway). So even though August feels like the depth of summer, for farmers it’s the beginning of fall. Always planning, always thinking ahead!

We’re thinking ahead, but we’re also reveling in the heat of summer. This heat has been a little oppressive some days, but our crops are loving it. We’re coming into the thick of tomato season, with sungolds and black plums practically falling off the vines. We spent a few hours hacking back the rogue plants last night, and cropping off the tops of our cherry tomatoes at 6 feet, so they can focus their attention on ripening fruit rather than growing any taller. We’ve also got eggplant, hot peppers, cucumbers, and summer squash rolling out of the field faster than we can say “pickles!” or “salsa!”. So stay tuned to our weekly emails about extra produce- there’s lots!

We had a chance last weekend to take a break from the crazy pace of the farm and hang out with some fellow young farmers. With the help of The Greenhorns, we organized a Young Farmers Mixer, which was hosted down at Spring Wind Farm in Northfield. It was a lovely evening of great food, wonderful dancing with the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers, and fun with new friends. As farmers who can’t help but be workaholics, it’s great to find a few hours to share in the joy of living the agrarian life. If you’d like to get involved with The Greenhorns or with planning future young farmers events in the Twin Cities, contact Emily at eehanson21@gmail.com!

Hope you all are enjoying the fruits of the land as much as we are, and are staying cool in the dog days of summer!





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