Catching Up

July already, huh? We can’t believe it, either.

But last weekend at the Uptown Market, where we now sell every Sunday from 11-4, our table was loaded with zucchini, cucumbers, beets, turnips, cabbage, huge heads of lettuce, and all sorts of veggies screaming “IT’S SUMMER!”. We spent all of June saying “It’s been a long, slow spring”, and now, quite suddenly, summer is upon us.

The pace of life hasn’t slowed, and we’re still busy as worker bees most days, but we’re starting to settle into some sort of routine. The CSA harvest gets easier, (as well as more colorful and exciting!) every week. We recognize our regular customers at the market, and always remember to fill our restaurant orders in time. We know that the pace will pick up again as the tomatoes and pepper start rolling in. There’s never much of a rest in farm work, but we’re feeling pretty lucky to be relatively caught up right now.

We’re also feeling pretty lucky to have so many wonderful supporters and helpers. The Summer of Solutions program, run through Grand Aspirations, has been hugely helpful in getting us caught up. We have a group of young, fresh faces volunteers who will be working with us every other week through mid-August doing weeding, mulching, and bed prep. We’ve also got a few interns from SoS who work with us throughout the week and help with tasks while learning more about urban farming. We feel blessed to have so many great people interested in working with us! Thanks for all the help, guys.

On that note, stay tuned for opportunities to get involved with the farm in July. We may have a workday, but more likely, we’ll be hosting some sort of farm tour, in collaboration with our urban farming friends at Growing Lots, Uptown Farmers, Cherry Tree House Mushrooms, McKinley CSA, Howling Moose Gardens, Cornercopia Student Organic Farm, and Pig’s Eye Urban Farm. Also stay tuned for details about the upcoming Young Farmers Mixer, which Emily is planning in collaboration with The Greenhorns. It will be July 30th at Spring Wind Farm in Northfield, and fun will certainly be had by all. More details to come!

Hope you all had a wonderful first week of July! We look forward to seeing you around the farm, the neighborhood, and/or the internet!




One thought on “Catching Up

  1. I feel so inspired each time I read what you’re all up to. What beautiful produce and spectacular farmers! May some cool breezes blow from time to time as you toil. A fan in Western MA.

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