As I look out the window at snow falling on April 20th, it seems the best way to keep from crying about it is to update all of you lovely people about the farm happenings of the last week or so. It’s been an exciting whirlwind!

For starters, we broke ground at our lot on 15th Avenue last Thursday! With all six Concrete Beet Farmers together for the first time in a while, and our good friend Nate from Uptown Farmers, we were able to transform our scrubby grass lot into lush soil in just one afternoon!

1. Get some compost. We got ours from Botany Bob of Naturally Grown Farms. He delivered 24 yards of compost to our lot, in two loads. Compost just brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “black gold”!

2. Prepare the lot for tilling. This includes removing any large rocks or other things that will interfere with the blades of a tiller. In our case, we discovered that small concrete slab we knew existed at the front of our lot was actually the remnant of a paved path that had run between the two houses that once existed on the site. So we uncovered and ripped out about 40 feet of concrete slab. No big deal. We are the concrete beet farmers, after all!

Robin lies atop the pile of concrete slab we pulled from our lot. Conquered!

3. Get a friend with a tiller. We’re lucky enough to be friends with Uptown Farmers, and Nate owns a tiller. As soon as we had cleared the way, he started the motor and got to work. He went over the whole lot twice, then tilled in the compost that we layered on top of the entire area, a few inches thick.

4. Make some beds and plant some seeds! After tilling the entire lot, Nate helped us make beds for planting. We laid out our plot in three main sections to help us plan for crop rotation. As soon as Nate killed the motor on the tiller, Robin started planting peas! A few days later, we also seeded some spinach, kale, radishes, and beets!

Now, just cross your fingers that the seeds are still huddling under the soil, keeping warm while the snow is falling. Hopefully when temperatures rise next week, they’ll be ready to jump up and start growing!

In other news, we met some really fun folks this past weekend, at the Seward Coop CSA Fair! It was great to see old friends, like our pals at Growing Lots Urban Farm and Blackberry Community Farm. It was even greater to make new friends! Thanks to all who stopped by, listened to our story, and signed up for our mailing list! It was a wonderful day!

On Sunday, we were out at the lot again, planting and planning. Our friend Klauss stopped by to help us take measurements for a new fence. He stuck around the help us stick some spinach seeds in the ground. Thanks, Klauss!

A few other updates:

  • We’re all sold out of our CSA shares! If you’d like to purchase produce from us this summer, let us know that you’d like to be placed on our mailing list for notifications about extra produce. Also, check our website often for updates about mini-markets and restaurants where our produce may be featured this summer.
  • Stop by the farm next Sunday, April 24th, for our first ever Concrete Beet Workday! Yes, it’s Easter, but if you can find a few minutes to sneak away from the family or Easter Bunny, come by the plot any time between 11 AM and sundown and we’ll be out there installing a fence, painting signs, transplanting onions, and constructing compost bins.



One thought on “Groundbreaking

  1. Farmers! Friends!

    Please always start your home page with your address!! Someone wanted to come visit, but could not find your exact location!!

    Thanks, thanks!! And thanks for all your hard work!

    Lynne Mayo

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