Plants growing up, and CSA shares filling up!

Remember these guys? They're big kids now.

The plants seem to like their home. With these sunny days in the fifties, the greenhouse has been warm and humid, a perfect environment for our little ones to get big and strong. They grow up so fast these days (sniff). Soon enough they’ll be all mature and way too cool for their parents.

Robin the Reorganizer! Making space for new additions to the greenhouse

In the meantime, the onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and parsley that we planted weeks ago have some new company! The Concrete Beet Farmers spent the majority of Sunday afternoon running around to gardening stores buying up their whole supplies of planting trays, and seeding a huge variety of new crops. We planted red and green cabbage, collards, leeks, kale, three kinds of basil, cilantro, swiss chard, ground cherries, flowers such as yarrow and lupine, and more of the crops we had started a few weeks ago. Diversity, huzzah!

Carefully laid out seed packets, ready for planting!

It was a lot of planting to coordinate and carry out, be we had a grand ole’ time in our t-shirts in the warm greenhouse.

Just one little seed in each little cell. With Eric's green thumb, these will surely be sprouting soon!

We counted, and there are now 57 trays filling, almost overflowing, the greenhouse! Send some happy thoughts the way of our little plants, they need all the help they can get!

Dusty repacks some soil in a tray of parsley, so the plants can develop better root systems and survive transplanting!

With all the time in the greenhouse, we also got a chance to catch up on some weeding and packing moil soil into the trays where it was too loose. While our hands were busy, we talked through details of some of the exciting new developments for our farm:

  • Signing the lease for our lot on 15th Avenue this week!
  • A possible collaboration with Revolution 180 degrees, a prisoner re-entry program, and Uptown Farmers
  • We have 7 CSA members signed up! We’re aiming for 15, so sign up soon or find us at the Seward Co-op CSA fair on Saturday, April 16th!
  • Attending meetings and events for the Live It Fund grant we recently received!
  • Ordering soil very soon, and planning for our first big workday outside, April 24th!

It’s just the beginning of a busy, busy spring! We’re glad you’re here along with us for the ride!


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