baby onions

Growing so fast they're getting tangled up in each others' hair!

Although it seems like just yesterday that we were tucking tiny seeds into airy potting soil, our babies are already growing! The onions are getting gangly and are completely wrapped up in each other, while the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are just starting to show their faces. We’ve spent three afternoons planting in the greenhouse over the last few weeks, resulting in more than 25 trays of tiny plants! We’ve got three varieties of onions going, as well as three heirloom tomatoes, two sweet peppers, two hot pepper varieties, and two types of eggplant. They all seem to be thriving, thanks to the ideal environment provided by the Macalester greenhouse.

Stay tuned for a few gratuitous baby pictures:

cherokee purple tomatoes

In a few months, we'll be complaining about pruning them, but for now, they're precious.


It's making us hungry for tabbouleh already!

spicy babies

Watch out for these little guys- when they get bigger, they'll be trouble makers!

We’ll stop there for now, before we get carried away. Keep checking back in the next weeks for more photos of our little tikes growing up!

In addition to the baby pictures, we also wanted to send out a huge, gigantic THANK YOU to our friends at the Live It Fund committee at Macalester College. Their generous acceptance of our grant proposal is helping make our farm dreams come true. We owe you a million thanks, and probably a few pounds of tomatoes once things get underway! So, rest assured that, with funding secured, Concrete Beet will be on firm footing to make this first season a raging success!

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